Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Physical Therapy

Though the two weeks Mirabel spent in the NICU were so trying and exhausting, one blessing that came from the whole experience was the outpouring of support and resources we received from the social workers on staff (thanks, Roni!). We were led in the right direction down the overwhelming paths of Social Security, Medicaid, Katie Beckett, home care, the Infant Toddler program, etc., etc., etc..... Mirabel's diagnosis of Down syndrome automatically qualifies her for many services, which I am so grateful for, and which I am going to fully take advantage of.

Today was Mirabel's first appointment with a physical therapist from the Health and Welfare department's Infant Toddler program. Katie was very sweet, smart, and supportive, and we began what will be a federally-funded experience for the first three years of Mirabel's life.

Mirabel is only 9 weeks old, so there is not much to be working on just yet. But, we did discuss the importance of tummy time (which she doesn't seem to mind too much - as long as it doesn't go on too long. She rolled over twice the other day, but I think it's just because she was peeved to be on her tummy for so long!) Katie seemed impressed with the strength that Mirabel does have, and encouraged me with her exclamations at how well Mirabel squirms when she's awake and alert. Squirming! Who knew that would be such a cause for celebration?

Katie taught me some simple exercises, mainly a way to guide Mirabel onto her tummy to get her used to rolling over.

Next week we're meeting with a Developmental Therapist from the same program. Go, Mirabel, go!



  1. How wonderful to have these resources & connections & encouragement! xoxo =)

  2. you'll find the services are equally important for both you and Mirable... I always learn so much from Sheridan's service providers (at least the good ones we keep around!) and it just helps me guide him along his path better! By the way... Mirable is gorgeous!

  3. What a great time for Mirabel to be born - when there is so much understanding of and available services for DS babies.

    Please give that little squirmmer a big hug and kiss from her Grams.

  4. She is so beautiful! This is my first time visiting your blog. Love it! I hope you really love her therapists. Ours have become family. :)