Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meet Mirabel

Mirabel loves to nuzzle. She loves to ride around in the sling or the Bjorn so she can nap nice and snuggly.

Mirabel rarely cries. She is gentle and wise. When she wants a cuddle, she bleats once. "Ehh!"

Mirabel sleeps a lot. She loves to be swaddled. She has fat little soft hands.

Mirabel has some serious cheeks. These cheeks don't mess around. These cheeks have been known to rest on her shoulders, and I'm not even kidding.

When Mirabel is awake, she is often quietly alert. Her eyes are deep stormy blue, with bright rings around the iris. They are always darting around, and when she pauses and looks into you it takes your breath away. She sees something deep. She sees your light and knows you are good.

Mirabel has a delicious belly button. Nom, nom, nom.

Mirabel says, "What's up, World? I'm so happy to be here!"



  1. i love when babies start making that "o" look. what a sweet little happy girl. xo

  2. Mirabel is a sweet little beautiful baby :)

  3. Just read Expecting Adam and am convinced Mirabel is here to teach us amazing realities about what is true, beautiful, and good. And, she's here to smile with us.

  4. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Mirable is adorable - both of your daughters are.

  5. She is such a doll baby!!! Congratulations on your new little girl!